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Our capsule houses embody modern, cost-effective, and space-efficient designs, providing a blend of innovation and comfort.

We offer a range of customization options to cater to individual preferences, from design modifications to different amenity integrations.

Our capsule houses utilize smart prefab technology, ensuring robust construction, energy efficiency, and modern amenities.

Absolutely! We encourage prospective buyers to visit our showroom to experience our capsule houses firsthand.

Lead time is typically 30 days post-deposit, varying slightly based on order specifics.

Yes, we offer a 3-5 year warranty, assuring resolution of any product issues within 7 days.

Quality is paramount; we adhere to a strict multi-stage QC process before shipment, and comply with international safety standards.

Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll provide personalized solutions, from design consultation to final installation.

We coordinate shipping logistics and offer on-site assembly support to ensure a seamless setup.

We offer maintenance services and are available for any further assistance or upgrades, ensuring your satisfaction post-installation.

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