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Apple Cabin D50

LUBAN Apple Cabin D50

Apple Cabin D50 FRONT
D50 - Front
Apple Cabin D50 BACK
D50 - Back

LUBAN Apple Cabin D50 Specification Table

Dimensions (LWH)Floor AreaOccupancyPower ConsumptionApproximate Total Weight
3850mm*2150mm*2500mm8.3 sqm2 people12KW6 tons
D50 - Cad Drawing

LUBAN Apple Cabin D50 Material Specifications

1 Steel Structure Frame Steel Structure Frame
2 Exterior wall panels Aluminum
3 Heat Insulation 100mm polyurethane insulation layer
4 External wall glass 6+18A+6 hollow LOW-E glass or 6+6 amine insulating glass
5 Shell surface treatment Metal fluorocarbon paint baking paint
6 Balcony Panoramic balcony (10mm tempered glass)
7 Peripheral light strip Peripheral light strip (surrounding ambient light strip)
8 Entrance door Intelligent access control system

LUBAN Apple Cabin D50 Interior Decoration

1 Ceiling Can be decorated with integrated board
2 Wall Surface Can be decorated with integrated board
3 Floor High-grade wood grain lock floor
4 Indoor lighting effect 3000K warm yellow light
5 Outdoor lighting effect 4000K warm white light
6 Control System The whole house integrated intelligent control system
7 Socket Panel Brand switch panel
8 Bathroom Privacy Door Frosted tempered glass
9 Hanger Towel Rack Hanger Towel Rack
10 Curtain Circulation ventilation system

LUBAN Apple Cabin D50 Packaging Images Or Videos

capsule hosue D50_interiors

LUBAN Apple Cabin D50 AI System

Smart Panel, Brighter Home

Control, Comfort, and Convenience in One Voice.

Intelligent Control Pannel

Integrated Sound System

Intelligent Strip Lights

Air Conditioner

Fresh Air System

Automatic Curtain

Electric Floor Heating

Automatic Projection Screen

Our Cooperated Brand

Cooperated Brand

FAQs About Space Capsule House D50

Are you interested in purchasing the sapce capusle house but don’t know where to start? Here are 6 FAQs to help guide you through the process:

The minimum order quantity for our Space Capsule Houses is one set. We believe in catering to the unique needs of each of our clients, whether for personal use, a demonstration, or for commercial purposes. By offering even a single set, we ensure that our innovative living solutions are accessible to all who wish to experience the future of housing today.

We offer a range of customization options to cater to individual preferences, from design modifications to different amenity integrations.

Absolutely! We encourage prospective buyers to visit our showroom to experience our capsule houses firsthand.

Lead time is typically 15-30 days post-deposit, varying slightly based on order specifics.

Quality is paramount; we adhere to a strict multi-stage QC process before shipment, and comply with international safety standards.

We offer maintenance services and are available for any further assistance or upgrades, ensuring your satisfaction post-installation.

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